Investment strategy in Paraguay

When you want to optimize the profitability of your investments, implementing the appropriate strategy is a real challenge.

  • Define your objectives in terms of profitability and risk
  • Establish the asset allocation and distribution strategy
  • Receive advice on your investment decisions
  • Prepare a legal and financial structure adapted to your strategy

Our services include


  • The structure of your asset portfolio
  • Your profitability / risk objectives
  • Your geographical preferences
  • Your type of preferred assets (offices, commercial premises, logistics platforms, residential, etc.)
  • Target debt level

Analysis of the target market:

Thanks to our research department, our team has a real-time view of the transactions that are carried out in the sectors and locations that you are looking for and also elaborate an in-depth analysis of the market and identify the best online opportunities for objectives.

Proposal of an investment strategy:

Our recommendations are based on your strategy of allocation and distribution of assets in addition to the implementation of this strategy; structuring, creation of vehicles, search for funding … etc.

Our advantages:

• Have an expert view of real estate markets in Paraguay

• A personalized approach

• A team works on your asset allocation requirements and guides and supports you in defining your objectives and developing your strategy.This team is your main interlocutor and assures you in the day to day a high quality service.

A global player in real estate services in Paraguay

Our experience covers all areas of the real estate business: promotion, transaction, consulting, property management, valuation, and investment management.

We offer a specialized network of professionals unique in the market A multi-sector specialization Offices, commercial premises, logistic platforms, hotels, residential, etc. At a national and international level we give you access to knowledge and investment opportunities on numerous types of assets.

Knowledge and monitoring of the market

Our research department has Latin American bases of transactions of all types of assets and other data obtained thanks to our relevant position in the real estate market that serve as the basis for our new product creation processes and to provide investment recommendations to our clients.